Oot & Aboot Across SoCal

It’s been a very long and very busy day helping a friend of a friend of a friend and there have been many exciting adventures. I’m sure I’ll share some of them that can be safely shared, but on another day.

For now, I wonder why people line up for hours and hours in malls to get new phones:

photo 1

Aren’t there ways to order one online a week or so in advance and just have it delivered to your door today? What do you mean, “That doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to?” Yet another story for yet another day.

photo 2

In our journeys we passed through Palos Verdes, which has some pretty spectacular views. Yeah, (on a clear day) you can see the Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory, downtown, Century City, LAX, Santa Monica, Malibu, and probably that old Nike base observation site in the hills over Encino. (Binoculars or a small telescope might help, but you can see them!)

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