Christmas Tree 2014

We’re almost ready, the tree is beautiful, the shopping and shipping is (more or less) done. Just a couple pictures for posterity. Maybe an artistic picture, from floor level looking up…


“What are you doing on the floor? Mind if I head butt you and demand attention and scratching?”


“What do you mean, ‘go away’? How about if I stick my butt in your face and lash you with my tail?”


“Wait, what’s going on? Is she getting food? Why am I not getting any food? Where’s the food?”


There we go! (Just ignore the sounds of a pissed off cat and dog locked in the back hallway for a few minutes.)

I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, and peaceful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!



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3 responses to “Christmas Tree 2014

  1. Despite the holiday fracas, the tree is beautiful!

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  2. Jemima Pett

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and I hope you have a very good 2015 – I’ll be watching for the reports!

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