Abstract vs Oh-Oh!

It’s one thing to “know” that you’ve got a 05:00 flight in the morning, which means that you have to check in by 04:00, which means you have to be at the parking garage by 03:30, which means you have to leave the house by 02:30, and just because it’s Los Angeles, by 02:15 or even by 02:00 might be better. You “know” you’re going to feel like crap and only get a couple hours of sleep (for the second night in the last four). But all of those are abstracts.

It’s another thing altogether to realize it’s already 23:00, which means even if you went to bed now (and you can’t yet go to bed now) you would only get two and a half hours of sleep.


Why even bother going to bed? Aside from the whole falling-asleep-on-the-405-Freeway-and-crashing-and-dying thing, or the falling-asleep-at-the-gate-so-soundly-that-you-miss-them-calling-your-flight thing.

This trip had better be fun! (It will be.)

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