Mother’s Day Again

I’ve mentioned my mother and how she’s slightly “technology challenged.”

It’s Mother’s Day again and today I found out that she now has an iPad. She probably got it from one of my nieces here in California, who I believe has taught her to use FaceTime so Mom can keep in touch with her great-grandkids.

This may or may not be a good thing. Given all that I know that an iPad can be used for, as wonderful as all of those apps are, for Mom they’re more likely to be bricks in the road to technological hell.

My mother’s not stupid, and she managed to raise eight kids, but she’s definitely from another generation, one that’s intimidated by a lot of modern technological whiz-bangs. On the other hand, she’s also from a family of practical jokers, so it’s sometimes not clear when she’s pulling my leg and when she’s clueless.

For example, after she was given a DVD player a few years back to replace her VCR, she called because she couldn’t figure out how to rewind the DVD.

The jury’s still out on whether that was one of her better long cons or if there was a vast conceptual chasm there that she wasn’t leaping. I don’t remember if it was my son or my brother, but someone finally told her “the secret” (which I, of course, was holding from her) — you put the DVD back into the case and then shake the case a few times. Put the DVD back into the player and presto-chango, it’s back at the beginning! Works every time.

For all I know, Mom could be using that iPad to post on a blog of her own creation, regaling her audience with stories of how she suckered her son into answering questions about “rewinding a DVD” and the clueless buffoon (i.e., me) still hasn’t figured it out.

That’s possible. It’s a big universe. But my money says she’s still shaking DVDs in their cases to rewind them.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


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