Back To NASA Armstrong Tomorrow!

Time to hit the sack, gotta be up at Zero-Dark-Thirty so I can be in Lancaster by 6AM. I’ll be picking up a handful of my fellow NASA Social attendees who are coming from out of town and we’ll carpool out to Edwards Air Force Base by 7AM.

Those who have read my blatherationings know that I don’t casually get up at that hour, but I’ll get up for a NASA Social any time. This will be my fifth, and it should be another great one.

As usual, most of the live action will be on Twitter (I’m @momdude56 over there) but if you’re not on Twitter, they should be showing up on the right-hand side of the screen here. I’ll also be posting on FaceBook if you’ve friended me over there.

By the time I get home tomorrow night (late, late, late) you’ll probably just get a quick snapshot or two for a report tomorrow night. As usual, expect to be inundated with photos and bits of knowledge and wisdom starting on Wednesday.

In the meantime, if you want to see one of the key projects that we’ll be seeing up close and personal, there’s a NASA Armstrong video:

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