Happy 80th Birthday, Mom!

One of the key reasons that I’m in Vermont for a couple of weeks is my mother’s 80th birthday, which is today. Many of my siblings (I’m one of eight kids) and their families will be there, others will be joining us by Skype or FaceTime, and we’ve invited many of Mom’s friends from church and the local area. It should be fun.

It seems Mom is always smiling, except when she’s (justifiably) yelling at one of us troublemaking kids. We’ll do our best to keep her smiling a lot tonight.

img159 small

img160 small

20030720_DSCN0011 small

20090201_IMG_0179 small


20090803_IMG_0480 small



2015-02-03 iPhone6 1605 small


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4 responses to “Happy 80th Birthday, Mom!

  1. Happy Birthday to Mom!! She’s a lovely woman and obviously a saint to have dealt with 8 kids…. 😀 Hope you have a great time with your family.

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  2. Dave Flood

    Paul – Many happy belated returns to your Mom!
    I remember if my mom called me “David James” – I knew I was in trouble.
    Maybe it’s the same in all families – if you hear your middle name added
    to your first name – you’re in “deep doodoo.”
    Glad to hear that you are enjoying your visit with your mom, and I’m sure
    she’s enjoying having her family with her.
    Best – Dave

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