Cake & Clouds

It’s not simply that the cake is a lie.

IMG_4148 small

We all know that, yet we keep trying to earn the cake.

IMG_4132 small

Somehow, against all logic, we must believe that if we’re good enough, if we try hard enough, if we’re just better than everyone else, we’ll get the cake!

IMG_4137 small

The cake might be a lie for others, but not for us. We’re special!



IMG_4144 small

Hope, optimism, and faith are the problems here. It’s important to recognize the difference between  the urges to stop caring and to stop trying. Trying is critical to avoiding “death,” for any number of definitions of “death.” Caring can be a real pain in the ass.

IMG_4142 small

Yet, we don’t give up, we keep going. This time it’s going to be different. This time we’re going to win! This is it!

IMG_4140 small

Really? Yet once again we launch ourselves into the abyss, either overcoming our fears or surrendering to them, and hope desperately that we’ll find a way to grow or build wings on the way down.



That’s deep.

Get tired enough and jet lagged enough and your brain acts just like it’s stoned, apparently.

And similarly, let’s see if this makes half as much sense in the harsh light of  tomorrow as it does tonight.

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