Good Meeting

I had what I thought was a very good meeting this afternoon in downtown Los Angeles. We talked about some interesting things. I’m hoping that those I met with thought that it went well also. Perhaps there might be another meeting in a couple of weeks.

That would be a very good thing. It’s time for the 400-pound elephant in the room to find residence elsewhere.

Also, it has occurred to me that I have many more pictures of downtown Prague and London and Boston and Shanghai and Kyoto and Washington and Seoul and Southampton and Brussels and Seattle and Cabo San Lucas (and on and on and on…) than I have of downtown Los Angeles. I’ve only visited those places for a few days, I’ve lived here for over forty years. Among other benefits, a side effect of a positive outcome to today’s meeting would no doubt offer many, many opportunities to rectify that situation.

If anyone has any karma points to loan to me, they would be welcome at this point.

File Aug 12, 22 10 55

Here’s one quick photo I grabbed this afternoon before my meeting. Gotta love those old art deco buildings!

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One response to “Good Meeting

  1. Jemima Pett

    Yeah, I have more pictures of those places than I do of Norwich, too.

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