One Of These Days…

…I’m going to miss posting an article for the day because I’m going to be sitting here at my desk at 22:49, really tired, without a clue what I’m going to write about, no energy, no burning desire to use ANY of the draft articles and/or pictures that I’ve set aside for just such an occasion, trying not to be consumed by a feeling of impending doom as impostor syndrome settles in and I’m convinced that everything I write and share here is drivel and nonsense, and it’s all going to just drag me down to the point where I just fall asleep on the keyboard leaving the only thing to post being something like pages and pages and pages of

klajf;a;fnannnnnn akkdkalfnalnfoien;aon;avoupa 7uern;qnv;upgr;q53b5qj35nqfajal;jjflkdkkkkkk kkkkkkkkxkxxxxkxkxkxkxkxxxxxkkfoqiur nvja;ljoqryqjrqiwnrqruobnalrjqnaf;llalfj al;fja;lfja;lf jal;jfl;ajsf;lajfl;jae;oruqohfno;qnr;;wo rqqr;jfjwr;an;o Signing up for graduate school turned out to be an ordeal forms and cards and questionnaires each one of them some big deal when finally the last form I saw I got a tad irate my religious preference they wanted me to state I am a vuaerna;nugner angoruane lna;oiubnerna oihenqjcnz,.nvza iyrq.,vzkqrbq kbj;jblabnrleku bnalblrjkehalb  ;ab;ekraytapeneoairnbeoya   yeoiaroe a  tqj;elruoiunafu uoiurqhrhoiuvahroeu uaoeirh;lahvlcuaorye upq[rq[ru[qur[qan urpqourh   qruq9prhq   qr9qrqjekekkkkekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekek  aeoruqr arupo4rtyaruh

and I’ll only discover that I’ve dropped the ball when I startle myself awake at 04:47 the next morning and find that my keyboard has shorted out as I’ve drooled into it while sleeping and my face has a reverse imprint of the keys so it looks like I’ve been slugged with a waffle iron.

Today will not be that day.


See y’all tomorrow, where I might just post pictures from Day One of the Wings Over Camarillo airshow without worrying to explain what they are.

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  1. “I’m convinced that everything I write and share here is drivel” – you too, eh? (It’s not, so you’re doing okay!)

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