The Planes Are Gathering

Have I mentioned that there’s an airshow in Camarillo, CA this weekend?

Have I mentioned that the Southern California Wing of the Commemorative Air Force, where I’m the Finance Officer, is one of the key players in that airshow and will have all of our planes either on display or flying every afternoon?

Things were heating up and getting busy today as everyone goes through their final preparations and the planes based at other locations are starting to come in. Late this afternoon, turning a lot of fuel into noise, this Navy E2 Hawkeye arrived and taxied by the CAF ramp:

On both Saturday and Sunday, the gates open at 09:00. There will be plenty of static displays, planes of all types (as well as some classic hot rods, jeeps and other ground equipment, and so on) on the ground where you can get up close and personal. There will also be plenty of places to get something to drink (like our hangar with water, sodas, beer, and margaritas for sale) or eat (we’ll have some snacks for sale), or some souveneirs, shirts, hats, toys, models, pins, etc (like at our hangar where our entire PX will be available, including the new and exclusive “Wings Over Camarillo 2015” T-shirts and our new shirts and hats for the PBJ that’s almost ready to fly again).

Have I mentioned that I’m the Finance Officer?

The flying starts at noon and will go through 17:00. There will be acrobatic demonstrations, warbirds (many of which are ours), the Red Bull helicopter doing things that shouldn’t really be possible in a helicopter, parachute jumpers, and a demonstration of the MV-22 “Osprey” which you have to see to believe.

If you can make it out to join us, stop by the CAF ramp (we’re the furthest point to the west you can go as an airshow visitor) to say hello. You can’t miss us, we’ve got a ginormous construction site with the two new hangars going up. (The steel framework looked like it was about 90% in as of this afternoon.) You’ll find me running around doing finance stuff, generally helping out wherever I can, and maybe getting to help move some planes around during the show.

It’s going to be fun!

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