Salvation Is Where You Find it

Just another one of those days – nothing fatal, but it’s a good thing the good nuns of Christ the King Elementary school beat the 5th Commandment into me at a young age.

Between the crash on the freeway that turned a 35 minute drive into a two-hour one (why were they towing a boat THAT big with a pickup truck THAT small and just how fast were they going down that 7% incline?!), the couple of people into whom you can’t just slap some sense no matter how much they need it, and the multiple freakin’ idiots playing “Cannonball Run” with real cars and my (way too close to being terminated painfully) life on the way home, it was a good sign from the Universe when this was waiting:

File Aug 29, 22 13 48

Look it up. (Thanks, Matt!)

And tonight’s Saturday Night Safety Dance, turned up WAY TOO LOUD, doesn’t hurt.

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