The Muse Has Freaked Out

I don’t know if being really tired allows the mind to be liberated and free to wander into new territory, or if it means that the mind is collapsing and going off the side of the cliff completely out of control.

Perhaps they’re the same thing.

Tonight when I sat here begging my muse to give me some guidance and inspiration, it turns out that she might be on LSD. Or she’s pissed with me. Or perhaps she’s lost a critical neuron or two. Or all of the above.

Some day, when you’re tired and down and the muse is a fickle little minx, she’ll instruct you to strap a little light to your head and see what you can come up with. The goal is to make the stupidest picture possible. The sort of selfie that would be the bastard child of the Twilight Zone and Pablo Picasso.  While still keeping it a family website, of course. (Yeah, “of course,” we’ll go with that.)

Today’s that day.

File Aug 30, 21 49 41

My muse, everyone! Let’s give her a big round of applause! She’ll be here all week. (Tip your waitresses!)

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One response to “The Muse Has Freaked Out

  1. Ronnie

    I like the reflection off your nose


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