Already starting to be a fickle & fey little minx, eh? How about a pretty picture as a combination incentive and peace offering?

IMG_7620 small

How about some symbolism?

The fog, that’s life. Life in general has those moments of brilliant clarity, but often we can’t or don’t see far in them because we’re focused on the ground at our feet or the things in arm’s reach. In times of turbulence and troubles, that’s when it’s like the fog has rolled in and we’re feeling even more blind than usual.

But out there in the fog of life, we’ve got a glimpse of something solid, grand, beautiful, and spectacular. We know that bridge is there, even if it’s not clear how to get there from here. (No GPS, no Google Maps.)

When we find it, we know that it will take us past some of the huge barriers in life (the river) and to great adventures and what we hope will be wonderful things on the other side. But we have to get there and get across.

It would be great if the fog would lift and allow us to get a clear view of our path – but don’t bet on it. Keep going as best you can and try not to lose sight of the bridge, and the Promised Land on the other side.

(And no, I’m not stoned. Thanks for asking!)

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