Back At ORD – Finally

Hours and hours and hours after we were supposed to get here, we’re finally at ORD again.

It’s chaos.

A line of heavy thunderstorms stretching from Minnesota from Oklahoma hit Chicago like a tank about noon, forcing an extended ground-stop.

We were supposed to be home by now, but we were four hours late getting to ORD. Fort Wayne’s airport was packed with people off of planes that were supposed to be in Chicago but were diverted away. One pilot said they had been diverted from ORD to IND but IND was full of other flights that had been diverted, so they had been re-diverted to Fort Wayne.


The only good news is that our connecting flight is almost six hours late. It hasn’t been cancelled, so it looks like we will get back to LA tonight.


There’s a huge freakin’ wall cloud & more thunderheads heading straight at us, looking ugly!

We’re boarding. Stand by.

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