More Questions Than Answers

The brain and the gut are fighting again.

The brain knows that there are always more questions than answers, and that answers simply spawn even more questions. The gut is feeling overwhelmed, buried, and rudderless.

The brain knows that it will always get better. The gut doesn’t have any faith, especially right now..

The brain knows that there aren’t any “magic bullets,” except possibly old-fashioned hard work and persistence. The gut is exhausted, tired of taking incremental steps in what might well be a circle, or on a treadmill, getting nowhere.

The brain believes that there are always choices and solutions. The gut is feeling caught in a maze with no way out.

The brain still has faith in that whole “Puritan work ethic” thing. The gut just wants to “nuke it from space, it’s the only way to be sure.”

The brain tries to focus on the beauty and good in the world. The gut isn’t sure that an extinction-level event asteroid impact wouldn’t be a good thing.

The brain thinks it’s critical to maintain a sense of humor. The gut is tired of laughing at things that makes it want to cry.

The brain thinks that maybe the gut just needs some alone time, perhaps in a pillow fort!

The gut thinks the brain just needs to follow Brother Bluto’s advice to Brother Flounder and start drinking heavily.

Perhaps I’ll compromise and build a pillow fort and have a margarita in it.

If only.

Time to get back to work.

Stupid gut.

Stupid brain.

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One response to “More Questions Than Answers

  1. You’ve got an optimistic brain and a pessimistic gut. Having them agree can cause different problems. I myself am not all that familiar with the optimistic brain phenomenon.

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