Why The Long Face?

  1. Even with a nose like that, things can’t be that bad! Of course, you do have that whole “horns instead of eyeballs” thing going on, so I guess that could be depressing.
  2. Where in hell did they shoot that thing and what kind of ammo do you use? How do you get a taxidermist to mount something like that?
  3. Get Ensign Willett up here ASAP! He mounted that thing upside down!
  4. It’s Satanic! A Satanic face right there on a US Navy ship! Obviously part of the liberal, left-wing conspiracy to sabotage our armed forces! Burn the witch!
  5. Idiot! Never been on a farm, obviously. That’s not the head mounted, that’s the butt mounted. See, the tail hanging down and the junk hanging under the tail. Those things at the top? Turn signals! It’s like you’ve never even seen a live cow!

Pareidolia, folks! Ask for it by name, accept no substitutes. (A couple of lousy nights of sleep in a row helps.)


Filed under Art, Photography

2 responses to “Why The Long Face?

  1. This post made me laugh 😂

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