Praying Mantis 

You don’t see one of these in this part of the world very often.

File Oct 17, 19 51 35 small

In fact, I can’t recall ever seeing one around in the 40+ years I’ve lived in Southern California.

File Oct 17, 19 53 15 small

I saw them when I was a kid in other parts of the country. In those days I also spent a lot more time in far less metropolitan settings, out in the woods.

File Oct 17, 19 53 50 small

Here, hanging out on a pillar outside the local post office? Totally unexpected!

Also, taking pictures of a huge bug at the entrance to the post office? A fantastic way to get my fellow citizens to give us a wide berth and look at us with horror. Was it the bug, or me being fascinated by the bug? We’ll never know!

BTW, yesterday’s picture of the giant, blue, bear statue? You can find it outside the main entrance to the Convention Center in Denver, Colorado!

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