Yesterday’s Clouds

Yesterday I ranted and lectured a bit about the storm clouds, flooding, lousy and unreliable weather radar apps, and where (in my case) you can get decent data.

Today I just figured I would show you some of those clouds. (You didn’t really think I was out there looking at them without grabbing a camera, did you?)

IMG_5292 small

IMG_5288 small clean

IMG_5291 small clean

IMG_5294 small clean

IMG_5286 small clean

IMG_5295 small clean

IMG_5293 small clean

In the end, after we didn’t get a drop of rain despite the “BREAKING NEWS!” flash flooding thirty miles away in Boyle Heights, near downtown LA, only a few lacy, pink clouds were left with the first quarter moon.

IMG_5299 small

IMG_5302 small


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2 responses to “Yesterday’s Clouds

  1. Those clouds have been a regular end of the day feature the past 2 summer in Barcelona. I’m not keen on them either. They block the all important beach sun! They start in the morning over the sea, move to the mountains by late afternoon with sunny blue skies in-between. When I get to the beach, the sun’s over the mountains. You get it! And they bring no much needed rain!

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    • We usually have either “clear & a million” or low clouds and haze. I love the big, majestic cumulus clouds when we get them (see all the pictures I post when I visit other states), but like you, what we REALLY need is the rain. (Which we did NOT get.)


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