Monday’s Clouds Plus Electronic Hallucinogens

What does one do when one has spent hours and hours today up to my elbows in Photoshop, cleaning up pictures of my niece’s wedding from last month? Especially when yesterday I talked about a neat new HDR phone app and mentioned how it does some of the stuff that Photoshop does, fast and easily, but in the end isn’t nearly as deep or complicated as Photoshop?

I don’t know who this mythical “one” is, but I go out and look for something to run through Photoshop to see what it can do. In this case, the pictures of clouds that I posted on Tuesday.

Note that I have no training and no real clue what I’m doing, in the sense that I have no plan or idea of what I want the end product to look like. I just take each picture and start fiddling with contrast, color balance, layers, filters, and multiple combinations of all of them until I get something that makes my brain stop and say, “Maybe this doesn’t suck. Next!”

Some took a minute, some took seven or eight minutes, all nine combined took thirty minutes. Some are simple (#2 is just a color flip or inverse) and some are complex (#5 has several layers and a ton of detail generated by the filters). Time to throw it up against the wall and see what sticks!

I think these are in the same order as they were on Tuesday…

IMG_5292 smal photoshopped

IMG_5288 small clean photoshopped

IMG_5291 small clean photoshopped

IMG_5294 small clean photoshopped

IMG_5286 small clean photoshopped

IMG_5295 small clean photoshopped

IMG_5293 small clean photoshopped

IMG_5299 small photoshopped

IMG_5302 small photoshopped

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