Rainbow At Sunset

The Long-Suffering Wife, who knows me well and loves me and wants me to be happy, called on her way home from the office about a huge, bright rainbow.


Not only was it bright, but the secondary rainbow could be clearly seen outside of the primary arc.


There was a low layer of clouds that had moved in over the area and it was just starting to rain. The sun was setting in the west on the far side of this band of showers, allowing a few rays to peek through from beyond the rain clouds, creating the rainbow.


As the clouds were moving about and we got various paths and intensities of sunshine under the cloud deck, the rainbows would fade, brighten, fill in more of the arc, and then shrink back down again.


This close-up shows one of the coolest things to note about double rainbows – on the brighter, primary arc the blue and green are on the inside with red on the outside. On the lighter, secondary arc, this is reversed with red on the inside and blue on the outside.


I happened to glance back and saw the sunset behind me in the west was almost as spectacular as the rainbows in front of me in the east.


The only depressing part of the experience was noticing there’s a house up at the end of the block with its Christmas lights up and turned on already!! My Christmas light credentials are well established – every year we have more lights than the rest of the block combined. But at least I have the decency to wait until the Friday after Thanksgiving to start putting them up!


One last gasp with about 90° of arc and a dim secondary…


…while you can see the band of sunlight that found a way through the rain clouds to produce it…


…only to have it all fade to darkness as the planet kept on rotating, our location on it slipping past the terminator into night.

Thanks for the heads up, wife!!

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