How Do You View This Site?

Out of curiosity, how do you view this site? Not in the sense of, “Is this guy the next Zen master & Enlightenment elf?” but in the sense of, “Email? Website? Phone? Tablet? Desktop?”

I ask in part because a month ago I changed the background graphics for those viewing the site on a desktop with a typical browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and so on. While I originally had a grey-blue background with an old picture of Fifi (the CAF’s B-29) and some of our other planes escorting her into Camarillo in 2013.

That image was sort of dull I finally realized, so I changed it to the current one, a NASA-Hubble photo of Omega Centaur. There are a lot of adjectives that describe it, but “dull’ will never be one.

Yet no one said a word. Not one.

That made me think that most of those of you who view the site routinely and subscribe, probably get each post in your email. That’s the way I get other blogs that I subscribe to, and I know that the email versions are streamlined for that format and leave out a lot of the razzle-dazzle items that the webpage itself has. Meanwhile, folks stumbling onto the site without any background or reference would just see the new background and figure that’s the way it always is.

This theory makes sense, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. So, how do you view this site?

Email? The website itself? On your phone? A tablet? A desktop? Which browser? Chrome? IE? Firefox?

I’m curious. Feel free to stick something in the comments if you wish to share.


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8 responses to “How Do You View This Site?

  1. johwee

    Email a lot of the time, but if there’s pictures I’ll click through since my email doesn’t show them. Or sometimes like today I’ll see it on twitter before the email shows up so I’ll click over from there.

    I noticed the bg change awhile ago but I didn’t say anything. It looks neat though.

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  2. Ronnie

    View by email. However when I leave a comment I see the background

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  3. I get yours by email. When I comment, then I do see the entire blog though. When I see changes, I sometimes (aka usually) don’t comment (just like I don’t comment on every entry that I truly want to comment on, I simply click “like” and hope through some mental telepathy you or whoever hear me)…social awkwardness at it’s finest.

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  4. Jemima Pett

    I see the email first, then come over if I want to comment or get a better view of the pictures – using Firefox or Safari. I think I preferred the last pic, but it’s often good to ring the changes on backgrounds – just not too often šŸ™‚

    Oh, and sometimes I don’t get around to clicking ‘like’ but I always like them – just time, you know….

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    • Jemima Pett

      PS If I hit your page for the first time or following a link, I think having the stars background makes sense with your blog title.

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    • Thanks, Jemima! The original picture was a favorite, showing the B-29 “Fifi” with an escort of our fighters from CAF SoCal, but in that use the website content covered most of the planes. I’m glad you like the new one, it does fit.

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