Auburn Cord Dusenberg Automobile Museum (Part 4 of 6)

If you love cars, go visit the Auburn Cord Dusenberg Automobile Museum in Auburn, Indiana. Here are more photos from the main gallery, the “Company Showroom,” as well as pictures from the “Gallery Of Classics.” (Earlier pictures are herehere, and here.)


As is obvious and previously stated, the “Company Showroom” is stunning.




I wish I could identify more of these cars, but I was off my game that night, in part due to the circumstances of the evening. I head wasn’t in its proper “photographer” mode. Normally, digital photos costing essentially zero, whenever I’m taking pictures at a museum, the zoo, traveling overseas, or anywhere else where there is information on display describing what I’m taking the picture of, I’ll shoot a quick picture or two of the sign. It’s a fast, cheap, and easy way of being able later to identify where you were, what you were looking at, and whatever information was available there.

Not this night. *sigh*


Someone did however borrow my camera to take another picture of this great 1926 Auburn. If only that grinnin’ fool hadn’t gotten in the way of the beautiful car!


Upstairs is the Gallery of Classics. Also stunning.

The first black car on the right is a 1930 LaSalle


Here are cars that aren’t necessarily Cords, Auburns, or Dusenbergs.


I love this color. And the chrome. And the convertible leather top. And the whitewalls. And the huge engine.


This is a Dusenberg, year unknown.

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