Christmas Lights 2015 (Day One)

The day after Thanksgiving may be “Black Friday” to the rest of the world, but it’s “A Zillion Freakin’ Bright Lights Friday” at the Willett household. As in Christmas lights, of course.

In the old days, before adulthood, before the military, before college, before they all had their own apartments, it was an all-hands on deck family affair which typically took two or three days of the Thanksgiving weekend. In recent years, the number of lights has continued to grow, while the number of helpers has continued to shrink (this is a good thing, Christmas light labor aside), so it’s usually a five or six day job for me alone.

This year The Younger Daughter is here and anxious to help, so we got a lot done. Not everything, but a lot. It’s not at all bad for a first day’s work.

File Nov 27, 22 43 42 small


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