Roller Coaster

(It’s another disjointed ramble, I fear, but I’ll try to keep it short.)

I like roller coasters, always have. My kids all learned to love them. Then there are the roller coasters off of the rails without all of the OSHA-mandated safety backups five deep, like going and flying aerobatics in a T-6 or catching a ride in a P-51.

And the Space Shuttle or Soyuz or Dragon or anything else that’s in the pipeline? Bring it on. You need to “man-rate” the SpaceX Dragon. Just put in a sleeping bag and some snacks and I’ll man-rate that sucker for you on the next launch. (Rhetoric, I know, since the odds of being allowed to do that are just about the same as having the USS Enterprise land in my back yard with Kirk, Spock, and friends. But I really would do it. In a heartbeat.)

It’s the mental roller coaster that’s beating me up tonight. Adrenaline’s a wonderful thing (ask for it by name!) and it’s gotten me through the last month, but it might be wearing thin at the moment. Or maybe there’s just too much news about a certain bigoted, ignorant, hate-mongering piece of shit who is running for President. It could go either way.

Getting the job was fantastic! Having my mother pass away, while not unexpected or even a bad thing given her condition, was a blow.

High! Low!

The job’s going great, I loved it my first week! Our poor dog is literally on her last legs, starting to lose her last semblance of mobility, in more and more obvious pain.

High! Low!

Orbital launched a Cygnus cargo vehicle to ISS yesterday on an Atlas V, and SpaceX is hoping to launch their return-to-flight Falcon 9 by the end of the year. Just about anything related to American politics.

High! Low!

I feel like a piece of taffy being stretched just a bit too thin.

Then comes the healing power of music. Just when you need it most, you get “88 Lines About 44 Women” popping up (the unedited version to boot!).

Go ahead. Turn it up, way, Way, WAY up! Sing along.

I don’t know if we’re headed up or headed down on the roller coaster, but as long as we’re singing, I guess it’s better than not being on the ride at all.

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