Parking Lot At Night

New job = long hours + December = dark when leaving. (Remember, all GOOD things!)

New job = new office = new parking lot + dark when leaving = interesting new things to take “artsy” pictures of.

File Dec 08, 22 03 02 small

Who ever looks off of the back side of a parking structure that abuts a freeway? Well, I do. (Big surprise!) What I see is not just the 101 Freeway with stop & stop traffic during rush hour, but the big Kaiser Permanente hospital complex directly on the other side.

Hey, I know someone who works there! Will she see me waving from here?

File Dec 08, 22 04 32 small

A decent enough view for a cell phone picture. That’s my office window, right…there!

File Dec 08, 22 04 59 small

I realized as I was standing there taking the first picture of the building that these parking lot lights are everything that’s wrong with our urban lighting, particularly in respect to how they’re destroying our ability to see the night sky.

Look at the blindingly bright lights, putting thousands of lumens into space – while a shield on the bottom of the light casts a dark shadow around the base of the light tower.

Hey, nameless and unknown brainiac architect, maybe if you put the shield ON TOP OF THE LIGHT instead of below it, you could light up the parking lot where someone could get mugged or back into another car, instead of lighting up the rings of Saturn! And probably cut the power in half or more with better illumination, and half of the expense for electricity.

Not. Rocket. Science.


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2 responses to “Parking Lot At Night

  1. What is the purpose of the shield? My guess is health and safety to collect shards of glass if the bulb explodes!

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    • Probably, also seems to be there to support the weight of the globe. I’ve never seen one where the base/shield goes up so far up the sides. Form trumps function!


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