Is Star Wars VII Here Yet?

So, yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing the film. But I really want it to be here soon so that we can put abominations like this behind us:

File Dec 13, 20 41 46 small

Gotta admit, when I saw it floating there over the checkout lines at the grocery store there, it made me snort.

What it got me fantasizing about though was getting about forty of them, putting a mannequin into a Darth Vader costume, strapping it into a lawn chair, and using the dozens of storm troopers for their lift. Launch that sucker over Los Angeles and see what kind of news coverage you get! (Okay, you’ll also see what kind of jail time you get, since I’m sure it violates dozens of FAA regulations, but still…)

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Filed under Entertainment, Farce, Los Angeles

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