Maserati Mystery

It’s Los Angeles, in a not too shabby part of the San Fernando Valley. Where are all of the Maseratis coming from all of a sudden?

Take a drive down Ventura Boulevard through the west San Fernando Valley. Let’s say, to work and back, about ten minutes each way. What luxury cars do you see cruising out among the Fords, Chevys, Toyotas, delivery vans, mom-mobile minivans (which is what I drive)? Sure, plenty of Lexus and Infinity, lots of Cadillac Escalades, and more BMWs and Mercedes Benz than you can shake a stick at.

These days even the Teslas aren’t that uncommon. It used to be a rare sight, but hell, these days we’ve even got one down the block in our neighborhood.

But the ultra exotic European luxury cars? The Ferraris? The Bentleys? The Rolls Royces? The Maseratis? Not so much. Still something you see every now and then, maybe once or twice a month if you keep your eyes open.

Oh, sure, drive down to Beverly Hills or the USC campus and you won’t be able to swing a dead cat without hitting one. But in The Valley? Still a rarity.

Until this week. Monday I saw two, not one, two Maserati Ghiblis. I know it wasn’t the same one twice because I saw them at the same time, one driving on my left, one on my right.

Then on Tuesday I saw five while driving to work. No, you didn’t read that incorrectly, five. Two were white, seen at different places within a few minutes, but close enough to where I had seen the two on Monday that I suspect they were the same ones. I mean, if they weren’t, what were the odds?

But then I saw the grey/silver one and the black one and a third white one that almost certainly could not have been one of the two earlier white ones. Trust me, if you pay attention to cars, that was eye catching.

Today I saw one of the white ones (I’m assuming it’s one of the ones I’ve been seeing) in the parking garage at work. That explains things, since if there’s one there I might see it nearby on the streets regularly. But that doesn’t explain the other four lurking about in the area.

Maybe the one in the garage is in heat and nesting while the other four are tracking it by petrochemical pheromones in order to mate with it! It’s not a theory that makes any less sense than the others that I’ve come up with.

The Mystery of the Mating Maserati. (I hear that’s where Cooper Minis come from.)

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One response to “Maserati Mystery

  1. Ronnie

    Good one dear. So does that mean we have to buy 2 Maseratis so I can have my Mini Cooper. What a sacrifice

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