My Day On Ladders

The loud  bangedy bangedy sounds were not followed by loud and horrifying scream of agony sounds. In Paul-land, this is known as a “win.”

The Christmas lights are all down. Two of the four gutters are cleaned, more or less. The pruning shears have sung their sweet, sweet song of death to the rogue branches that keep clogging the gutters and messing up the roof. And all of the leaves and debris on the back porch has been cleaned up after that first one-two punch from El Niño this week.

I am going to be so very freakin’ sore tomorrow.

And my idiot “smart” exercise watch still isn’t satisfied. I started out (just after Christmas) with a goal of 5,000 steps, which I’ve done about half the time. Today I’ve done 11,399 steps so far, a new record. Yet when I spend a half hour on my butt for dinner, the nagging and the buzzing and the vibrating and the judgement starts again.

Oh, the loud bangedy bangedy sounds were from when I was up on a ladder with a hammer, re-attaching one of the gutters to the eaves. It was the one where all of the leaves had clogged it and the weight of the debris and water had pulled it loose. The combination of me + ladder + hammer has been known to be hazardous in the past. I am grateful that no Wilhelm scream escaped my lips tonight.

It’s the little things.

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