Sleep – A Love-Hate Relationship

On the one hand, I’ve got so much to get done and so few spare hours to get it done in. Yet I spend hours and hours every day doing NOTHING except snoring loud enough to wake the dead and having leg cramps.

On the other hand, I would kill right now for a couple more hours’ sleep every night. I’m barely getting six at best most nights, and even that is of the “barely better than nothing” variety. See “leg cramps,” above.

So there it is in a nutshell. I would do almost anything to do away with it altogether while at the same time I would do almost anything to get about 35% to 40% more.

Isn’t that something like the definition of an addiction? Just asking…

Think about it – aside from the fairly immediate panicked thoughts burbling up from the pre-amphibian parts of the brain stem, wouldn’t it be great to never have to sleep again? Think of what you could get done with those extra five or six or eight hours a day!

Oh, right. We would spend that extra time just watching more stupid reruns on cable or something equally mind-numbing and useless.

Snarky comments aside, if Morpheus (which is a particularly apt name for this train of thought) gave you the:

  • red pill, which would give you a solid eight hours of sleep and waking refreshed and alert every morning for the rest of your life, or
  • the blue pill, which meant that you would never sleep again and would never get that mental lethargy that saps your will when you’re starting to drift off and can’t keep your eyes open any more and you wouldn’t go insane or die from some physiological booby trap caused by a lack of sleep

which pill would you take?



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2 responses to “Sleep – A Love-Hate Relationship

  1. berich56

    I’ll take the red pill. You want to be awake 24/7 and deal with Trump and his brown shirts or Bob, the flat earth rapper, more than we already do during our 16 hour days!!!

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