Past-Paul knew that there were times when the path would be hard to find. Past-Paul thought it might be good idea to leave the proverbial bread crumbs around, just in case. Today I notice the one taped to the top of my computer monitor.

File Jan 31, 22 57 10

When I was a kid I would always pick up feathers whenever I found one, usually to be told by my parents they were dirty, throw them away, and don’t touch any more.

As an adult, I remember starting to pick them up and save them again about twenty years ago. At some point I started taping them up here and there as the occasional reminder of where the path was.

This morning I noticed this one. It’s right there, I see it all the time, but today I noticed it. It helped.

I didn’t get my pilot’s license by simply walking down to the airport and taking off in the first plane I got into. It took a lot of work, a lot of steps, and a lot of time.

The path back into the cockpit will (I hope) be shorter since I have a baseline of experience, but it will not necessarily be quick or easy.

So be it. I will fly again.


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2 responses to “Reminders

  1. Janet Mitchel

    Yes you will.

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