23:54 Already?

A little over three years ago there was a bit of terror going on in my head. After five years in which I was putting myself through college and surviving by working at least one and sometimes two full-time jobs, then spending about thirty-five years of dealing with both family and “career” where the demands of the job often involved 60, 70, 80 or more hours per week, and at one time packing an MBA program in on top of that, I all of a sudden had “nothing” to do.

Facing unemployment, I didn’t know if I could stand not being busier than God.

Let me tell you, three years of getting used to not being busier than God is NOT good preparation for going back to being busier than God, working full-time plus, and making a bit of time for The Long-Suffering Wife, and taking care of my CAF duties, and trying to get a couple hours of sleep every now and then, and keep this website going.

23:59. Push the button


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3 responses to “23:54 Already?

  1. Don’t fret about us, Paul. Do you spend a ‘short’ time each day doing them or do you schedule two or three at once?

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    • Right now, what you see is what you get – maybe ten to fifteen minutes of writing and/or grabbing a picture or reference material to link to. Last night was literally five minutes with one eye on the clock. It’s becoming part creativity & part performance art.

      It’s an interesting technique in a way, but when (please let it be “when,” not “if”) my other time pressures calm a bit, I really want to get back to more of what I did the first two years. Travel photos and stories (for example, the Shanghai – Seoul – Kyoto trip), bits about astronomy and astrophotography, Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenges. For now, as the song says, I don’t have the time to think at all, much less think twice.

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  2. I am just so happy to be retired!

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