Super Bowl Ad #2

Last Saturday I posted a link to the 2013 Audi ad from the Super Bowl, with the intention of posting this one the next night. Best laid plans…

This is the extended version of the ad that was shown in the first quarter of the Super Bowl last Sunday:

If you’ve ever read more than one or two things on this site, you’ll know why I love this ad so much. It still chokes me up every time I see it.

Were I to suddenly have a gazillion dollars tomorrow I’ve always figured I would put down a deposit on a Tesla and then go get a Jaguar F-Type to use during the two years on the Tesla waiting list. I now would have to rethink that. This car looks pretty damn cool.

Generally I try to avoid being swayed by crass commercialism and advertising – but I could make an exception here. They hit a hot button.

Kudos to Audi and their ad agency.

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