Steel Rising – Part Nine

It’s been about two months since the last update. Most of what’s been happening since then is not terribly photogenic – installing interior walls where needed, putting together the bathrooms, getting all the little finishing touches finished. We’re not 100% there but most of what we have to do is our own “tenant improvement” work, such as putting in a kitchen and facilities so that we can rent out the hangar for events such as weddings, dinners, fundraisers, quinceañeras, movie location shoots, and so on.

File Feb 13, 22 41 07 small

From just outside – two bombers take up a lot of space. Our PBJ on the left, the AAF’s “Executive Sweet” B-25 on the right.

File Feb 13, 22 43 03 small

From just inside.

File Feb 13, 22 46 39 small

“Executive Sweet” and CAF SoCal’s Spitfire.

File Feb 13, 22 50 43  small

The CAF’s PBJ, soon to be flying again!

File Feb 13, 22 51 15 small

A pair of T-34s, owned by CAF SoCal members. And yes, that’s a really honkin’ big flag back there.

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