Mind Blown – March 9th

Listening, as usual late at night, to the 80’s Alternative “New Wave” channel on Sirius-XM. Up comes this, pretty much a catchy standard on this channel, often good for really cranking it up:

I knew that it was from a not-so-well-known musical called “Chess,” which makes sense when you listen to the lyrics. Sure, the lyrics are full of not-so-subtle double entendres. It’s still catchy.

I knew that it was performed by Murray Head, but for the life of me I couldn’t name any other song I’ve EVER heard him do. I figured that he was a one-hit wonder with a song from an otherwise forgotten musical.


The online version the Sirius-XM app has notes about each artist as the song’s playing. Only the first couple of lines are showing, with more if you click on the link. I rarely pay much attention, but tonight I clicked, hoping to find out more about “Chess.”

It’s semi-interesting that it was co-written by Tim Rice. I’ve heard that name, he did something else, what was it…? Ah, yes.

Then I saw it in the notes.

It turns out that Murray Head was also in Tim Rice’s big hit, the one that’s still playing around the world, in the lead role in the original London cast:

Yes – the same guy who does “One Night In Bangkok” also played Judas Iscariot in “Jesus Christ Superstar” and can be heard on the original cast recording from 1970. You know, the one that we just about wore right through the vinyl playing it so many times.



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  1. Love Chess. Love JCS. Seen too many brilliant casts of both and missed both original London productions 🙂

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