Looks Innocent Enough

File Mar 12, 22 57 39 small

My desk at the hangar this afternoon. No biggie.

“Brain to hand – do you see that general area of the desk over there?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Do you see a hole to dump those paper clips into?”

“Yeah, but…”

“Don’t ‘but’ me, Hand, just put those paper clips into the hole.”

“Wait, Brain, this is above my pay grade. You’re the decision maker and there’s a complica…”

“Hand, I’m busy thing great thoughts, GREAT thoughts. Just do what I told you to.”

“I don’t think…”

“That’s right, Hand, you don’t think. I do. I’m thinking you need to put those paperclips into that hole thingy over in that area of the desk. Now shut up and do it!”

“Whatever you say, boss.”

And that’s how I ended up with paper clips in my Diet Coke!

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