Zoom The Moon

I was finally getting ready to leave the office tonight when I saw the full, Full, FULL moon rising over the hills to the east.

File Apr 21, 22 11 36 small

The eye plays tricks, making it look spectacular, because the brain filters out the five-story building outside of your sixth-floor window.

File Apr 21, 22 13 24 small

All your brain focuses on is the humongous, white, perfect circle on the horizon.

File Apr 21, 22 14 02 small

The horizon illusion works like a charm on the brain, but the camera only starts to see…

File Apr 21, 22 14 25

…the spectacular when the picture zooms in…

File Apr 21, 22 14 56

…to more accurately portray what the brain perceives. Except, of course, for the top of that five-story building.

File Apr 21, 22 15 56

From a different perspective, on the second floor of the garage parking lot five minutes later, the full moon is still hovering right on top of that hill.

File Apr 21, 22 16 24

It looks all the bigger with nothing but the trees and houses in the distance, enhancing the illusion. To the eye, all the lunar features seemed to be etched they’re so clearly seen.

I guess some days it does pay to stay late at the office!

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One response to “Zoom The Moon

  1. And I think they said this was about the furthest away it gets, so a small moon – it didnt look it,to me!

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