There Goes The Skunk Again!

If you’ve been here at all for any time, you know we have critters. We may be in the be-you-ti-full San Fernando Valley but it’s a regular Weird Kingdom out there.

I can put up with the ceiling dripping blood. I can put up with the raccoons under the eaves. I love having the bats and all of the birds. The bunnies are cute, even if they do tear up the yard.

But the skunks?

The meander around a bit, so we might go weeks without smelling one, but when they wander back into our immediate neighborhood all of a sudden something is setting them off at least every other night. I suspect that “something” is probably a dog and I wouldn’t be surprised if the dog was on a leash with a very surprised neighbor on the other end.

Sometimes Nature stinks! Sometimes it stinks and makes your eyes water and makes you nauseous even a block or two away.

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One response to “There Goes The Skunk Again!

  1. I’ve never smelled skunk. I often wonder what they smell like. Maybe diluted and with plenty of fresh air to run away into…

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