A Happy Birthday For The Long-Suffering Wife

She had a wonderful time taking the day off work and going shopping for my gift to her. Turns out I got her some lovely diamond earrings that were just exactly what she was looking for!

  1. I am truly a warm and wonderful husband
  2. I highly recommend this technique to everyone else. Since we worked out this system, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten her anything that she didn’t like!

Meanwhile, after a lovely dinner, the sky decided to put on a more than decent display for the first time in a while.

File Jun 27, 23 31 50

While only about 100°F today instead of 111°F, the humidity was up along with the arrival of the pretty clouds. No yin without a little yang.

File Jun 27, 23 32 38

Does this formation mean that Malcolm McDowell is up on a mountaintop nearby with a rocket launcher?

File Jun 27, 23 33 11

The light was fading fast, as I am now.


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4 responses to “A Happy Birthday For The Long-Suffering Wife

  1. Looks like her birthday is the day before mine. No wonder I like your blog 🙂

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  2. Happy Birthday to the woman who continually puts up with you! LOL Glad you guys, and especially her, had a good time! And hey, bang up job on the birthday gift buying! You’ve got that system down pat! 😀

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    • It works, but I also got her a little something today. It’s either the most romantic gift ever or the LEAST romantic gift ever (odds on the latter) but at least it doesn’t have a cord. I learned that rule a long time ago.


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