Expand Your Mind, They Said

Well, it got expanded all right!

Last night, while my meat puppet shell was in a seat in Section 149, Row L at Dodger Stadium, my consciousness was pretty solidly in the Von Kármán Auditorium at JPL, roughly twelve miles to the northeast as the (three-eyed) raven flies.

The Long-Suffering Wife was insightful enough to point out that I had become one of those people I detest – someone who’s at a ballgame with friends or family but on their cell phone constantly, oblivious to the game, the score, or any possible incoming foul balls. As for the latter, I was fine since there were a couple of young ladies sitting in front of us, probably something like eight and ten years old, and both had their gloves and meant business. Nothing was getting by those two!

I’m glad to report that the Dodger Stadium wi-fi is indeed much improved. It does however, as Murphy would predict, get flaky and start dropping out about five minutes before the Juno engine burn started. I was watching NASA-TV off and on up until then, tweeting and re-tweeting comments from the NASA Social attendees who were at JPL. (None of them took me up on my offer, obviously.) Then the wi-fi started to lock up and lag.

It’s for situations like this that I’ve kept that grandfathered unlimited data plan on my iPhone come hell or high water.

As we all know, Juno performed like a champ, hitting her mark just one second off schedule after travelling more than three billion miles through space in five years.

As people have pointed out, the next time a politician tries to tell you that they’re going to “make America great again,” point out Juno, Cassini, the Hubble Space Telescope, Curiosity, and all of the other NASA and JPL spacecraft currently up there. We’re already pretty freakin’ great!

After Juno was safely in orbit and had successfully spun down and turned back to face the sun, I looked up and found that the Dodgers were winning. The fireworks were pretty good too.

How was your Fourth of the July?

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  1. Worst offenders for using mobile phones in public are those that do it on public transport!


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