Multitasking On The Fourth

Okay, everybody remember that Juno arrives at Jupiter tonight! If your fireworks got rained out, or were yesterday (what’s up with that?), or are already over, or you’re not in the US and you’re just thinking that we’re especially wacked out today (BTW, you’re correct!), then hunker down in front of NASA TV and watch the show!

If you don’t have NASA TV on your cable or satellite system, or your fireworks are going on simultaneously and you don’t want to miss them, or you’re going to be at a ballgame (like we are), then watch it on your phone or computer or tablet or your freakin’ Apple Watch! C’mon folks, we’re in the 23rd Century here! (Actually, I don’t know if you can watch it on your Apple Watch. You should be able to on general principles alone – just sayin’.)

My thoughts will be will all of the thousands of folks across the globe that have worked for decades on this mission. Tonight’s one of the true do-or-die moments, with very, very little room for error.

To all of my fellow NASA Social tweeps at JPL, a few short miles from Dodger Stadium, where I’ll be – I’ll be watching, keep up the great work! And just on the off chance that any of you were thinking, “Damn, I really wanted to see that game tonight and the fireworks, but now I’m stuck being at JPL!” I have some nice seats on the third base side I could trade…

Head at JPL and Jupiter, body at Dodger Stadium watching some of this (these are from July 4th 2006 at Dodger Stadium):

IMG_2791 smallIMG_2807 smallIMG_2815 smallIMG_2829 smallIMG_2843 smallIMG_2850 smallIMG_2860 smallIMG_2875 smallIMG_2884 small

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One response to “Multitasking On The Fourth

  1. 3rd from last photo is amazing 🙂


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