Walking The Crazy Off

The sky was wonderfully clear tonight after the smoky haze of the last few days (the big Sand Canyon fire is still less than half contained, but they’re getting the upper hand and it’s burning away from civilization and up into the mountain forests) and it was lovely going out for a 22:30 stroll around the block.

Up high in the southwest you can see Mars and Saturn in the head of Scorpius. Jupiter had set earlier (I’ll have to walk off the crazy earlier in the evening tomorrow to see it) but I could clearly see stars down to about magnitude 4, which is pretty good for Los Angeles. No sign of the Milky Way to the naked eye, but I know it’s there.

The skunks and raccoons left me alone and my fellow residents of the neighborhood actually stopped at the stop signs and didn’t run me over. A cat got freaked out because I walked by her wall and a couple of dogs expressed their displeasure with my existence, but that’s acceptable as long as they’re not lose and trying to gnaw on my leg.

The things that had me so frustrated and pissed off were still here when I got back, but I was able to separate them into the things I couldn’t do anything about tonight (they’ll still be here tomorrow) and those I could. I then did the ones I could.

Some days, that’s all you can hope for.

I’ll count it as a win.

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Filed under Astronomy, Los Angeles

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