No Context For You – July 30th

As a side note, if you’re out in the early evening these days with a clear sky, you can see six of the naked eye planets.

In the twilight to the west, Venus is super bright. Jupiter is almost as bright, about two hands high above the horizon in the west. Mercury is more dim, in between them, a little closer to Venus at the moment.

To the south, Mars is still bright red and Saturn is almost as bright just a bit off to the left (east). They’re both near the head of Scorpius, which can be a wonderful area to look at with any pair of binoculars, even from the light polluted city.

The sixth naked eye planet?

First, pretend I’m a smart-ass second grader.

A) You won’t have to pretend very hard, but…

B) The answer will be obvious.

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