I Hate PayPal

I’m starting to hate it with the fiery hatred fueled by a thousand white-hot suns.

We use it for our CAF SoCal site for fundraising. Months ago they started asking for ID to prove we’re who we say we are. I’ve sent them document after document. Then they started demanding my personal information, despite the fact that it’s not a personal account. I’ve been on the phone for hours over the last couple of months. It’s been like talking to a wall.

Fine. They’re now threatening to lock or cancel our account. I won’t penalize the CAF SoCal organization I volunteer for what I consider to be ludicrous and unreasonable demands that put my personal information in jeopardy and leave me open to identity theft.

So today I sent them my personal information.

I’ve now just gotten a new demand where their computer is giving me a new list of documents to provide, almost all of which do not and can not exist, in order to change the name on the corporate account to my personal name.

If I don’t, they’ll close the account.

  1. Does anyone know anyone at PayPal or any way of actually talking to a human with any shred of common sense?
  2. Does anyone have an alternative service to PayPal to recommend?
  3. Does anyone have any hope for our economy or our society if this is the kind of mindless stupidity that we’re all headed toward?

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One response to “I Hate PayPal

  1. I don’t get PenPal. What’s wrong with normal bank accounts and online payment! For a big group or fundraisers I can see it’s benefits, individually don’t get it. Just pay with bank account. But that’s me.


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