I Still Hate PayPal

Last night I went off on a full blown, adrenaline fueled rant regarding PayPal. I apologize for subjecting you to that.

I was angry. I was exhausted. I was frustrated. I was at my wits’ end.

What I was not was wrong.

Today, four phone calls, over an hour of waiting on hold, and another ten points on my blood pressure, I’m praying that I might have gotten the problem resolved.

On the one hand there was “Rod” on my fourth call of the day, who gave me a number of pieces of information which were demonstrably false, apparently in an attempt to simply get me off the phone with him. Or it might have been me not understanding him correctly (it wasn’t) since my Hindi is only slightly worse than his English. But when he refused to even let me talk to his supervisor and then hung up on me after the third demand – that’ll earn “Rod” a special place in my book of pressed flowers.

On the other hand there was Robert (whose name I have changed to protect the one person at PayPal who might actually be functional), who actually spoke English and may have been able to actually solve the problem. At the end I apologized to Robert for losing my temper with him, and I’ll public state that apology again here.

The best part of the whole thing though is the final revelation from Robert as he was taking the restricted status off of our account. (That’s the restriction that was preventing our IT folks and website developers from accessing our PayPal account in order to link it to the new functions on our website which will let you book a seat in our PBJ bomber.) It’s a fitting cap to the entire sordid affair.

Robert told me that, while the threatening and badgering emails I have been getting make it sound like our account (and all of our money in it) were going to be locked and restricted and frozen and taken away from us if I failed to solve the problem, there was in fact only one restriction – we wouldn’t have been allowed to transfer money from our checking account into the PayPal account.

This is something we have never done and can’t anticipate ever doing. Ever.

So we could still sell rides and have the funds put into our account, I could still log onto the site and access those funds, I could transfer those funds out of PayPal and into our checking account as needed, I could send invoices, I could issue refunds – all of it. Every single function would be just fine, even if I had totally ignored all of these dunning emails and never responded. Except for that one function, uploading funds into the PayPal account instead of taking them out.

We’ll see tomorrow if our web designer can get access to the account.



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One response to “I Still Hate PayPal

  1. Well, almost speechless, except I think I know that ‘Rod’ chap. Or have come across him, anyway.
    Glad PayPal finally saw sense. Sometimes these finance sites are pushed into total paranoia by the money laundering thing. Other times they’re just paranoid. Listening would help, of course.
    How’s your blood pressure now? Think smooth thoughts ❤


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