I had, of course, heard the song. A few different covers of it. I liked it, but that was about the extent of it.

I knew who Leonard Cohen was, sort of. Songwriter, poet, singer… But I don’t own any of his albums, wasn’t any sort of fan, don’t know that I’ve ever heard anything of his other than “Hallelujah.”

Then he passed away earlier this week.

I saw so, so many people who I admire and follow on social media who were just devastated by his passing.

Out of nowhere, for three days now I can’t get “Hallelujah” out of my head.

It doesn’t help that everyone and their cousin seems to be playing it. Still, isn’t there more than enough crap running around between my ears at this point without having a song I’m only vaguely familiar with playing in my head on an endless loop?

Over time I’ve learned to (occasionally) recognize all of this sort of pattern of signs. When they pile up and finally get my attention, I have stop. I have to realize that my early primate brain stem is trying to tell something important to my Homo Sapiens¬†frontal lobe. I have to realize that I should listen.

Tomorrow I’ll go listen to more Leonard Cohen and read some of his poetry.

The Universe (still laughing at me) apparently wants me to.

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One response to “Hallelujah

  1. When I was at college, ‘Suzanne’ was all the rage. To me it was such a dirge that I never got into Leonard Cohen at all. But I appreciate he was a great poet; his music just left me cold. Too many good people have passed this week.

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