Sorry, this is going to be boring. Tonight I am a boring human being. I apologize in advance for this failure of mine to be interesting.

The images themselves aren’t all that interesting, but I needed something quick and dirty to try to post as a test. (Yes, Michi, I did save all of those images. Thousands of them! Actually, TENS OF THOUSANDS of them! And now I’m using them! Mewhaaaahaaaahaaa!!)

Some months back, out of a clear blue sky, I started having off and on problems uploading media content to WordPress. It was bizarre. I could upload from the apartment in New York when we visited, and I could upload from work. But not from home, not on any of the computers, desktop or laptop, not using any browser. So it’s probably not a browser issue, but it could be something on the home network.

Except that I could upload media files to the WordPress library using my phone or iPad, even on the exact same network that wouldn’t let me do the same thing on any of my desktop. So it wasn’t the home network.

Flash forward a few months to earlier this week where I just didn’t think to upload pictures using my phone and instinctively did it using the desktop – which worked perfectly…

So tonight I wanted to test and toroubleshoot (those toroubles are horrible, deserve to be shot) the issue. Result? Meh. It seems to work consistently using the “new brower”, and every now and then using the “standard browser.” And it works all the time using the new Microsoft Edge browser – the first time I’ve ever tried to use Edge.

BTW, 100° and sunny is not what that roof and trees look like now, but the raccoon is up there. She’s a WET raccoon since we’re getting a pretty good storm. Poor, poor, raccoon! (NOT!!)

Thank you for indulging me as I play in my digital sandbox, trying to figure out what the lumpy pieces are!


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2 responses to “Troubleshooting

  1. Interesting that the b&w one seems to be a different tree. On close inspection you can work out it isn’t – but I wonder why the effect is so different.
    Hope all your toroubles a lottle ines.

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    • The pictures are from back when the raccoons tipped over the trailcam. Motion activated, it took a zillion pictures of the branches swaying in the breeze overhead. The B&W photo is from after dark, in infrared instead of visible light.

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