One Day Past Full

The moon was one day past full this evening, but still looked honkin’ big rising up out of the trees.

img_3842-smallIt’s an interesting problem with this lens, trying to get the Christmas lights bright enough to be seen with a long exposure while, not whiting out the whole picture with a tremendously overexposed moon.img_3856-smallMuch easier with the regular lens. This is just a tiny bit of the yard in order to catch the moon rising. If I go back to pick up the whole yard, the trees (which are holding up all of the lights!) block out the rising moon.img_3858-smallThis in turn was an interesting view, with the slightly overexposed and out of focus moon in the far distance, the bright and out of focus lights just a foot or so away, and the silhouetted trees in the middle being in sharp focus.

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Filed under Astronomy, Photography

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