Christmas Eve 2016

One of the kids is in Europe, one is visiting from Northern California, and one came over with her boyfriend from their home elsewhere in Los Angeles.


I should have thought to take pictures BEFORE we started opening presents. I say that every year and I usually forget. But we only opened the gifts tonight for the the daughter and boyfriend who won’t be here tomorrow, so there are still plenty left for the morning.

“Scrooged,” “White Christmas,” and “Love Actually.” Three of the finest Christmas movies ever.

Wherever you are, whomever you’re with, whatever you have going on in your life, I hope you have a little bit of time this holiday weekend to share a bit of joy, love and be loved, smile, laugh, and remember that the world probably isn’t quite as bad as the headlines would make it  seem. Then I hope you’ll be able to do that every day for the next year, and beyond.


Filed under Castle Willett, Christmas Lights, Photography

2 responses to “Christmas Eve 2016

  1. Ronnie

    Love you dear


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