What Do They Call…

What do they call someone who jaywalks at night in Los Angeles wearing dark clothes without even bothering to pretend to look to see if there’s traffic coming?


If you are in the area and were waiting for a kidney, heart, spleen, or other vital organ, I apologize for being fast enough on the brakes to not have spread that particular freakin’ idiot all over the center lane of Ventura Boulevard. (If you were waiting for a brain, don’t worry, this guy didn’t have two brain cells to rub together.) I further apologize for inadvertently and unintentionally blocking traffic behind me so that they couldn’t run him over while they were changing lanes to both sides and shooting past me at about 50 mph.

Maybe next time.

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One response to “What Do They Call…

  1. I would’ve said “road kill.” But organ donor is a much nicer way of putting it. Glad you were alert and on the ball!

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