Anaglyphs – From MARS!!

There’s a really cool spacecraft orbiting Mars, with a freakin’ huge camera on board. (Actually, there are quite a few really cool spacecraft orbiting Mars, but we’ll talk about Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter right now.) It’s called HiRISE, which stands for High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment. From Mars orbit, the “camera” (which is really a 0.5 meter aperture telescope, the biggest ever sent so far from Earth) can see objects only a foot across.

Check out their website for tens of thousands of  amazing photos. In particular, look at the “anaglyph” photos (almost 5,000 of them as of today), which show Mars to you in 3-D. That is, they do if you wear those goofy-looking red-lens/blue-lens glasses.

img_8709You might have seen cheap cardboard anaglyph glasses or have gotten a pair at a science fair or something. However, I have it on good authority that these days you can buy a pair of sturdy, good, plastic anaglyph glasses on Amazon for under $2.

It might be hard for you to look as cool as I do while looking at 3-D pictures of Mars, but for pocket change you can give it a try!

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